What Reduces Blood Glucose Levels and Pressure in the Diet

What can you take to normalize your blood glucose and lowering your blood pressure? I will answer that question here in this article. Ketosis and Ketoacidosis are very similar, and both result from your body burning its fat as its fuel, and both can be rough on the kidneys. It seems the thing about ketoacidosis, however, is that it depends upon a lot of glucose in your blood as a result of little insulin. So, that is how you get dehydrated. Your kidney pumps out a lot of urine to get rid of excess glucose. In Atkins, you wouldn’t have the excess glucose because you are on low carbs. So, I would think the dehydration part wouldn’t be too much of a concern unless you didn’t drink enough water.

Inulin in the diet reduces blood glucose levels and this also reduces both insulin requirements and blood pressure. The reduced insulin allows for better HGH production and metabolic rate, which will tend to heal damage rather than accumulate it. The kidneys are the second only to the liver in glutathione use. Why not use a little more cold-processed whey and a little less meat, to give better-used, more bio-available protein to the body, and produce the body’s main antioxidant and detoxifier at the same time?

There are more reasons for using these than I have previously mentioned in a yeast or IBS/IBD context. So, what will the inulin do if your blood glucose is already normal and blood pressure is already low? It is feeding the correct bowel bacteria and not the incorrect ones. It is not a drug, and it doesn’t force any biological changes. It can’t do anything to blood glucose levels or blood pressure if it’s already low, but it can protect the liver somewhat from oxidation.

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