Virgin Coconut Oil Recommendation for Anti Candida Cooking

What are some cooking oils that are healthy for anti candida cooking? For your information, best cooking oil in order of preference is coconut, butter, olive oil, and lard. It should be Virgin coconut oil that hasn’t been bleached, deodorized or refined. They do not sell a good product in stores yet that I am aware of. You can find them online if there is no good health food store around. I recommend you a brand called Natures Vision. I have tried samples of all that would send me some and found one that was a much better product. Some of the samples sent from other venders were even rancid. I use it to cook with and as a dietary supplement.

I use it instead of butter on or with certain other foods and I eat it plain when I take supplements between meals. For instance, I usually have some nuts and coconut oil together right after I drink a protein shake. I also use it to cook my scrambled eggs in. I suggest that you buy a wide mouth mason jar with a lid to put it in because it solidifies at room temperatures. This makes it easier to use, and this goes for extra virgin olive oil also, which should be refrigerated as most oils should. The coconut oil does not need to be refrigerated as it is medium chain saturated oil. Once you taste it, you will know what it will and will not taste good with. It has a lot of good health properties for those of us that are sick.

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