Veggie Juice Regimen Being Your Candida Cure

Has anyone of you tried the veggie juice as your candida cure? That is doing almost nothing but freshly juiced vegetables. Someone would like to know exactly what I ate along with all of these juices if I have done this before. She has heard a person claims he cured himself of candidiasis after about two or three months of such a veggie juice regimen.

The “veggie juice cure” as you put it sounds to me like a diet regime that I know of that are apparently very successful with a lot of conditions, including candida. Have a look on the web for a diet known as the “gerson method”. It relies heavily on vegetables juice and is discussed a lot in terms of a cancer treatment. It is also good for many chronic conditions, which I was incorporating it for my chronic fatigue syndrome.

Some of the stuff on the web is very critical, but don’t let this put you off. Most dietary intervention stuff is heavily criticized, despite its obvious success in treating so many conditions. I have no doubt that this is a great diet, but it was very restrictive for me because my diet was already so restricted that I could just do my best for the time being. I am also not a vegetable juice fan, but I slowly get used to it. Diet itself is clearly needed for candida as it is no use attacking the “beast” with drugs if you continue to feed it with the food you eat. Anyway, carrot is not part of veggie juice since it has loads of sugar.

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  • There are a lot of different combination’s of ingredients, produce types and supplements you can add to your smoothies and juices to improve not only the taste and texture of these wonderful concoctions but also add real nutritional value as well. One of the easiest changes you can make to either smoothies or juicing is to simply switch to fresher farm grown local produce if at all possible and buying organics where possible as well.