Veggie Juice Regime to Manage the Yeast Under Control

I manage to get candida under control just by doing a veggie juice regime in her candida diet. I think whoever said they were “cured” is using a misnomer. I don’t believe that candida can be “cured” as it exists in our body at all times, but it just gets out of balance. However, I believe that we can manage it. I have done this when I do a veggie juice regime. I ate totally raw foods and lost about 30 pounds in 1 month and wasn’t even trying to lose weight although I needed it.

That means you can eat veggies, nuts, and fruits. You have to decide how much fruit your body can take because the fruit can feed the yeast, too. But, apples and watermelon don’t seem to offend my body in any way, while raisins and dates do. You can make many things with nuts. You can grind them and make breads, cookies, and crackers. Find a recipe book for this. Be careful of the nuts for two reasons. First, be sure they are fresh and not moldy from being in a bin for too long. Secondly, they are high in calorie so if you are concerned about weight you cannot eat them indiscriminately.

Eating like this, I felt like incredible. I had more energy, my legs stopped hurting, my skin became very clear, my thinking was clearer, and I had no more brain fog. I have gone back and forth on this diet and whenever I stray too far I become foggy again and lose energy. However, it feels very good sometimes to go off it and eat chicken and fish and coffee. I suffer, but I do not die from it. I go back onto raw foods and re-balance my system and start feeling great again. Some people get to the point where they eat 70 percent raw and the rest is their personal plan of whatever pleases them.

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