Substituting Maple Syrup As the Only Energy Source in Master Cleanse

A friend has been thinking to do the ultimate master candida cleanse for a while now. This involves 10 days of the lemonade diet plus loads of herbs and P&B shakes and stuff. The only problem is that the lemonade is made from lemons and maple syrup which is full on sugar. This gives energy and takes away the hunger. Although she is sure this cleanse is great for colon health and for cleansing the whole body and organs, she is worried that the maple syrup might start the candida side of things up again.

Generally, most of her symptoms have gone (she was never at the worse end of the scale) and feels ok. She just worries she might make the candida side of things worse. She would continue to take Threelac, oxygen plus, and inulin during this time. She also had a lot of problems from nasty parasites she got in India and this fast would be great to get rid of all of those. She has just thought of doing a more candida friendly version of this fast. Maybe do 4 or 5 days water fast, then 2 or 3 days of the lemonade, and then a couple of days with light vegetable juice plus all of the herbs and stuff. What she is confused about is that someone told her to use Stevia instead of the maple syrup as maple syrup is full of sugar. So, Stevia can be used as a substitute sweetener as we all know we can’t eat sugar.

I have to inform you the maple syrup is the only source to provide energy in the cleansing diet. I can’t see how stevia will accomplish that. I recommend inulin if you need to substitute the maple syrup, as it does provide energy and does not feed the yeast. Anyway, I did the master cleanse with maple syrup and had no adverse reactions. I suggest you give it a try and see how you’re body reacts. It is different for everyone.

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  • Wow very interesting type of cleaning candida infection. Thanks for sharing this especially that the things needed for cleansing can be found at home. Also the information above is to let people know that it can be a way of curing candida.