Studies Report On Candida Antifungals and Remedies

Someone knows caprylic acid is a good candida antifungal, but she wonders if it will kill the good bacteria also. If it does, she wants to know a natural antifungal that doesnt kill the good bacteria. She would also love to know about reducing candida by taking aloe vera or other means and remedies I know that is most helpful in this.

Coconut oil contains caprylic acid and lauric acid, both of which are anti-fungal, and also kill bacteria and viruses by interfering with their oil-based (lipid) coatings. Note that not all bacteria and viruses have lipid coatings.

A deficiency in certain sugars is linked to 80 diseases and disorders. These essential sugars are called glyconutrients. I have seen some researches that explain many things on remedies. The use of Aloe Vera is increasing macrophage killing of systemic candida. A complete glyconutrient formulation, Ambrotose, is even more effective that aloe vera (but it costs a bit more). Killing of candida (in mice) is enhanced by glyconutrients (contained in Ambrotose). There are a lot more material that mainly covers immune system dysfunction, infection, and autoimmune disorders,

Noting the connection between glyconutrients, Aloe Vera, and reduced candida due to increased macrophage activity, I could point out that there is also Aloe Vera gel in Life Force’s natural vitamin/mineral and amino acids supplement Body Balance. If you check out all those are in Body Balance, you couldn’t help but be impressed. And if you check out Aloe Vera, you will see it is profoundly healing even on its own.

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