Stick Yourself to Anti Candida Diet for the Worth of All Expenses

I have to wonder if we are kidding ourselves by taking high priced supplements to kill off the Candida, yet we can’t stick to the anti candida diet. And when we have symptoms, we think it is die-off symptoms when really it is the Candida flaring up because we are not giving our bodies the chance to get the intestinal tract back in balance. We might as well be throwing our money down the toilet as it seems to go there one way or the other.

A friend guess this just hits home because the last flare up of her was due to “cheesecake” (plus some other no-no’s) she had to have it and did not fully “get” about diet and this disorder. She ate 2 pieces and 6 weeks later she went a few hundred dollars shorter. She was then trying to get things back in balance. This last flare up was bad enough to convince her that a healthy, wholesome diet is the firm foundation for relief from this disorder. She is only in denial if she thinks she can eat junk/high carb low nutrition foods while attempting to regain and maintain her health. It is no longer worth the momentary taste pleasure.

Now, she looks for highly nutritious food choices of veggies, meats, fish, poultry, nuts, a bit of some dairy, and she just added in a small amount of organic oatmeal this week. More and more she is making things from scratch and keeping it simple. She also drinks filtered water. There is no need for whining. Junk/high carb foods or your health; it is a choice we each have to make wisely. Keep on trying for as long as we do that we can not fail.

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  • Hi, i am having an oral thrush for several months, after a stressful trip in a tropical country with a diet inappropriate for my immune system, that got weekend at that point.

    I have started an “anti-candida” diet but i doubt its effectiveness. I am also taking fluconazole.

    What’s interesting is that i noticed the same level of improvement when i stick strictly to the diet as well as when i eat anything that boosts my immune system (including honey and orange juices).
    Right now i’m eating only: meat, lettuce, garlic, oregano, yogurt, eggs and palm oil. I feel my concentration seriously lowered at some moments, as if my organism is lacking some essential things to work. I even experience drowsiness and depression at times.

    Here i would like to receive some opinions from people who DID got cured from that highly tenacious disease, cause on the internet i’ve found none of such testimonies. People mostly complain that it goes and comes back… So, what did you used, how much time did it took? Any information will be highly appreciated. Thank you!