Problem With Losing Weight On Candida Diet

A female friend of mine is so thin and when she is already willing and ready to go on the candida diet and have tried many times, she loses weight and she gets awful symptoms that seem like low blood sugar. She wants to know if anyone else gets this and how to cope with it.

That sounds like my sister. She was losing weight before she started the diet, but lost more during the diet. She is now emaciated and has lost even more weight recently. She is told she has to remove starch and carbohydrates from her diet, and that she may have gut fermentation which is causing pain in her small intestine. When she sticks to the candida diet, she feels light-headed and dizzy, which sometimes come with palpitations.

She was 110 lbs. and is 5′ 4 1/2″ tall before she went on the candida diet. She is now down to a scant 100 lbs. However, her symptoms have improved dramatically, so she knows she is doing the right thing, I believe her weight will eventually stabilize. She has increased her intake of nuts and olive oil and has actually gained a few pounds. Someone has recommended the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to help ease my symptoms.

For the low blood sugar symptoms, I would suggest eating a lot of snacks. But, make sure you have good snacks to feed yourself, and not the yeast! Try to eat more frequently and increase the intake of healthy oils and fats. It helps my sister a little, but she still runs out of energy and loses weight; just going to have to eat more I guess.

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