Substituting Maple Syrup As the Only Energy Source in Master Cleanse

A friend has been thinking to do the ultimate master candida cleanse for a while now. This involves 10 days of the lemonade diet plus loads of herbs and P&B shakes and stuff. The only problem is that the lemonade is made from lemons and maple syrup which is full on sugar. This gives energy and takes away the hunger. Although she is sure this cleanse is great for colon health and for cleansing the whole body and organs, she is worried that the maple syrup might start the candida side of things up again. Read more..

Stick Yourself to Anti Candida Diet for the Worth of All Expenses

I have to wonder if we are kidding ourselves by taking high priced supplements to kill off the Candida, yet we can’t stick to the anti candida diet. And when we have symptoms, we think it is die-off symptoms when really it is the Candida flaring up because we are not giving our bodies the chance to get the intestinal tract back in balance. We might as well be throwing our money down the toilet as it seems to go there one way or the other. Read more..

Staying With Permanent Yeast Free Diet and Natural Antifungals and Vitamins

Someone is new at this and her doctor told her she needed to go on a yeast free diet. She thought she had a book listing the foods not to eat, but she doesnt. The doctor has her taking diflucan on a regular basis. She is interested in any help I can give. Her problems are severe inhalant allergies, and her body only responds to steroid injections, which is not good for yeast and also causes weight gain. She has a lot of joint pain, migraines, sinus problems, dry skin, and bowel problems. She really wants to get healthier. She is also considering buying an exercise machine. She has a bakers cyst on one leg and a neuroma on other foot, along with a knee injury, which limits walking. She really wants to get the proper yeast free diet. Read more..

Vaginal Relief With Tea Tree Oil Suppositories

Someone is looking for suggestions on how to win the battle against vaginal yeast infection. She has been on the diet with no sugar, no grains, and nothing fermented for 2 weeks and taking caprylic acid, acidophilus, bentonite, and psyllium. She feels much better, but hasnt noticed an improvement with her vaginal yeast. She is wondering what she can do in addition to all of this. She is also curious of Tea Tree Oil Suppositories that she wants to know if anyone I know has used it and got any relief vaginally. She saw these at a store and wondered if they do any good. Read more..

Standard Anti Candida Diet Food to Eat

A new friend of mine requested a sample of what I eat in anti candida diet. She wondered what she would cook or what she would buy in a restaurant if she were to plan her days eating. It includes what her shopping list should consist of and what I snack on. Read more..