Nystatin Dosage for Yeast Infection

My friend has got a doctor appointment today at gynecologist for annual pap and has had a vaginal yeast infection for years. She has taken Diflucan before and it only helped for a week. She thought today she would ask her about taking Nystatin for a longer period. She wonders what a normal long term dosage is and if there is anyone had Nystatin work for them. She is sure she just doesnt have candida overgrowth in the female parts. She tried tea tree oil, too, and also the unhelpful Monistat a week ago that instead of helping, it made it a whole lot worse. She is currently taking caprylic acid and a probiotic and garlic.

If you can get a doctor to give you a Nystatin prescription, you need to start off with just 2 doses per day for about a week, then increase to three for a couple of weeks, and then work up to standard 4. Do not start at 3 or 4 since die-off is horrible that way. It can be used long term. See Dr. J. Trowbridge’s book; he describes people who stay on a tiny maintenance dose for a long time after getting stable. My father has been on it for a year and a half and now is down to 2 a day, with caprylic acid, probiotics, lots of garlic, vitamins, minerals, and “the diet”. It is working well and we hope to cut him to 1 a day.

Most doctors are not well-informed about how to use Nystatin, so you need to do the reading for yourself. I really, really recommend you get Trowbridge’s book (The Yeast Syndrome), which has been the single most helpful source of info for us.

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