Nuts for Anti Candida Foods

One of my friends is confused about anti candida foods. She is wondering if we can eat some type of nuts and wants to know which ones and why. They are the only things she eats as snacks that stop her from eating sugar type things. Also, she found eating lentils and brown rice for dinner at night, in combination with being off stimulants like coffee, alcohol, and sugar, completely cured the insomnia she suffered for years. In fact now, after a year on the diet, she can’t eat lentils at all and she sleeps for about 14 hours.

I was told to avoid peanuts and pistachio nuts altogether and in the early days of the diet to only eat freshly shelled nuts of any kind. I keep a pot in my desk drawer with a mixture of pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds. It is a great snack and keeps me full. Sometime, I add a little black pepper or herb salt to change to flavor a little.

I did Yeast Busters program, and in the book it says no peanuts, pistachios, or cashews. Everything else is ok. Raw is best of course, but if you want roasted, roast them yourself and eat them within a day or two. I eat raw almonds all the time. They are great snacks for anyone with candida.

After I moved off the farm, I ate beef from the feed lots (chemicals). It was later on that I began to get sick. I love grass feed beef. Even Hamburger tastes great. It will make a huge difference in your cravings, omega 3 needs (leaky gut issues), and nutrient requirements. Try it!

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