Handling the Sugar Cravings Without Chemical Sweeteners

A new friend of mine is starting to try to get a handle on candida overgrowth she suffered and the sugar cravings occurrence. She got some questions to ask and hopes it is not some common questions asked by anybody. Treatment has been problematic for her because whenever she takes even a tiny amount of acidophilus or anything similar, she gets terrible bloating and cramps, which causes insomnia and is very hard to take. That makes her tend to give up. She is going to start colonics, though, so she is hoping she can get some help “from the other end”. Also, there seem to be mixed comments out there about NutraSweet and saccharine (Sweet N Low) that she wants to get some correct news to them. The stevia she has tried does not taste sweet to her.

I try to avoid all those chemical sweeteners like NutraSweet, Sweet N Low, etc. I agree that Stevia is not that good tasting, except maybe to sweeten a glass of herbal tea. I have been using Splenda (sucralose), which is made from sugar. According to my chiropractor and acupuncturist, it is supposedly safe, but Dr. Mercola has an article against it although a few of his concerns were kind of bogus. Well, I still believe any sugar is not good for us, so you have to get far from them. I don’t use stevia that often (only to sweeten my plain nasty yogurt) and I don’t have that everyday. I think of it as my methadone to help me get off my heroin, sugar.

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