Get Confused With All the Different Recommendation On Anti Candida Diet

While this person is really trying to follow an anti candida diet, it seems like every other post refers to a different site and a different diet. Some tells that quinoa or kamut is ok, some other says they are not. Raw nuts and seeds are good, avoid nuts and seeds. Drink pure cranberry juice, avoid all juices like the plague. Eat lots of plain yogurt, but don’t have sugar (she believes plain yogurt has sugar). Brown rice is fine, don’t eat grains. She is really, really frustrated and stressed and she is sure neither is good for any candida cure. She needs some help.

It is truly very frustrating in the beginning. Basically, you have to take everything here and incorporate into your life to make it work for you. The only foods that don’t have sugar are protein, nuts, nut butters (not peanut butter that has mold), and meat. Some people tolerate milk products while some don’t. I eat yogurt and I eat cheese and milk; I eat brown rice and brown rice cakes. Eggs can be your best friend. I eat lots of them and they support your adrenals. It isn’t something that you can cure immediately, so listen to how your body feels.

After 2 months taking Threelac and also on colostrums and complete thymic formula, I have noticed improvement, B vitamins sublingual. I felt pretty good. I would also recommend minerals and colloidal silver. You will get better just keep trying to keep sugar low, but eat greens and protein, eggs and some dairy if you tolerate it. Otherwise, if you make it so miserable for yourself, you will give up. Do the best you can and take it day by day and try not to focus on this as your sum total of your life. Also, do exercise and drink lots of water.

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