Finding Great Doctors for Fighting Candidiasis

Finding a great doctor that would understand and treat you well is essentially important in fighting candidiasis. This is a story of someone that just met her best doctors. She was diagnosed approximately 5 months ago with candida. She had been sick for 20 years before she found a doctor. She saw a lot of doctors, but they didn’t know what was wrong and gave her antibiotics, that certainly helped.

Her chiropractor, Dr. Greg, felt she needed to see a Chronic Disease Doctor he knew, and he sent her to Dr. E. When she saw Dr. E, she was unable to walk without falling; she had slurred speech and short term memory. She couldn’t even remember her age or telephone number. She was terrified and told her husband she felt like she was dying. Dr. E said the yeast had invaded her brain. He started her on Hydrogen IV’s, and Nizoral, Thymus, Sulfur Drug (she had two infections in her intestines). She is on the candida diet, probiotics, and the list goes on. She now can walk. She gets dizzy, but she doesn’t fall.

Her vision is improving, her memory is some better, but still not great. Dr. E also found she has Chronic Epstein Barr, Wilson’s Syndrome, and some other things that she can’t remember right now with her lousy memory. Her husband says the one great thing about it is she can’t remember when he does something that makes her mad. She saw Dr. Greg the other day and he said she looks much better. He said the first time he saw her he was very concerned. He felt that she wouldn’t live much longer. Thank goodness Dr. Greg and Dr. E came into her life. It took her 20 years to find them. It was a long road.

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