Eliminating Carbohydrates Wherever Possible Is Being Unhealthy Diet

The reason why my friend has eliminated carbohydrates wherever possible in her anti yeast diet is because they turn into sugar in the blood thus feeding candida. It is not as bad as eating sugar or fruit, but she feels 2 or 3 weeks limiting as much as possible will help to starve the Candida. Today, she actually feels better and has more energy. Her digestive system is enjoying only having raw salad and steamed light veggies to digest. But, she is worried as someone tells her to be careful of a serious condition called ketosis that can develop if you are on a protein only diet.

Many people make this mistake of confusing “ketosis”, a perfectly normal and natural function of the body, with “ketoacidosis”. Ketosis means that your body is burning fat for energy and as a byproduct of this, creating ketones. This is something we all do and is not harmful. Ketoacidosis is something that can happen to diabetics if they consume excessive carbohydrates. There is no correlation between the two terms and they are, in fact, polar opposites.

As for a high protein, low carb diet being “deadly” is a myth. It is dangerous if you get no carb, but you are supposed to consume more veggies, which is also carbohydrates. The high carb diet that causes fluctuation of blood sugar and insulin levels is where the real danger is. High blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart disease, low levels of beneficial HDL, and cancers are all associated with elevated insulin levels.

It is no wonder there is no culture in world history has consumed even a fraction of the sugar and other refined carbs that the 21st century Westerners do. Obesity in our society is at an all time high as are many other health problems. There is a clear cause and effect correlation here. Still, personally I don’t think the diet you are following is very healthy if you restrict yourself too much to the carbs.

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