Different Syndromes of Recurrent Candidiasis

This friend of mine works in different syndromes of recurrent candidiasis, or should we say chronic oral candidiasis, chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, and chronic vulvo-vaginal candidiasis. She does not know the molecular basis of these diseases and is quite possible that they are related to a given mutation in the DNA. They are looking for this mutation from a clinical and genetic point of view. The clinical way (which she means making experiments related to the immune response to candida) is too expensive and delayed for her. She wants to ask if somebody who suffers of any type of candidiasis has relatives who also suffer from candidiasis or if I know somebody with this features mainly oral candidiasis.

My sister and I both have it. Her symptoms are slightly different than mine, though. She has very painful stomach pains and gas while I generally just get really bad acne and constipation. What we can and cannot have in our diet are difference, too.

The other way is the genetic approach when we looking for mutation in DNA, and to do that we need families with candidiasis, I mean a family in who more than one in different generation suffer from candidiasis, for example mother and daughter or grandparents have it. With these families, we can make a genetic test and with more families more accurately and easy we can found a mutation and thus know more about the disease and in few time (years) improve the current therapy and may be develop new and more efficient therapies (like gene therapy).

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