Dealing With Sugar Cravings Without Sweetener That Has MSG

Someone found this stuff to deal with sugar cravings called Keto Sweet at her local health food store. It has no aspartame, sugar alcohol, dextrin, saccharin and no calories. Ingredients are glycine, acesulfame potassium, and natural flavor. It is about 4 times sweeter than sugar and tastes great, which seems a little too good to be true. Her question is why she hasnt seen it before either by itself or in another product. It says it is approved by the FDA that she is curious if we can take this.

If it has natural flavorings in it, then it has MSG which is not a healthy thing to eat either. MSG has many names on the labels and is hard to spot. You have to remember though the FDA also says aspartame and saccharine are safe, we all know now this is not true. The processing involved in making Splenda makes it suspect also. Just be careful and do some research on products.

Stevia is recommended for people with candida. It has no carbs, FOS, MSG, or anything like that. It is extremely sweet and you only need a tiny little bit. Do a search on Stevia to learn more, or look for the Body Ecology Diet website, where there is good information on Stevia. Stevia can be used in baking, and is available here in the health shops. I tried to get vegetable glycerine, but it is just not possible to get it in my area. Stevia is really good, though.

To people using the sweetener that contains MSG, please try not to use that stuff. Your body needs to dedicate its energy to fighting candida, not processing synthetic food additives. I didn’t realize it for a long time, but my body is sensitive to MSG. I know that as when I have eaten it, it has triggered joint aches.

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