Cereal and Cookies Ideas for Anti Candida Diet

If it is ok for you to have ‘cereal’, while for most people is not ok on this anti candida diet, why don’t you try puffed organic brown rice? I know you can get it here from the health shops like Health 2000. You can also get rice flakes with psyllium, which is made by a company called Freedom Foods and I know that is in stock at my New World and at Health 2000.

Also, if you are at a stage where you can eat some complex carbohydrates and candida will still be under control, Eat Right Foods in Nelson has made a cookie called the Candid Cookie and especially for people on a low-yeast, no-sugar diet. These cookies contain inulin and are made with brown rice flour. I have been buying these and they taste like a Belgian biscuit. You can get these through your health shop, even if they have to order them, and I know that some New Worlds have products from Eat Right Foods as well. Warning, though, the Candid Cookie is the only one of their biscuits you should think about trying, as the others all have sugar in them.

Also, I just saw a breakfast muesli recipe in the latest New Idea which sounded yummy. It included All Bran, rolled oats, sliced almonds and some other stuff which I can’t remember now. If you can eat some grains, then maybe this is an idea. Bear in mind that I am not aiming these ideas at anyone who is just beginning on the candida diet. I am thinking more of people who are able to eat some grains now.

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