Candida Diet Breakfast With Eggs, Dairy, and More Stuffs

This friend of mine is looking for suggestions for a no-grain (and no fruit) candida diet breakfast. Breakfast really is the hardest, isn’t it? You can try some eggs or go with a protein shake. There are many things you can make with the eggs.

For my breakfast, I have done scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, veggie omelet (no cheese or milk, just beat the eggs really well or add in a tad of water), plain yogurt with stevia, cucumbers (these were really good, especially when it was hot), almonds, brown rice cakes with almond butter (don’t know if can do brown rice), baby carrots. I also make fried green plantains, which might be too much sugar, especially during the first month of the diet, and definitely only 1 or twice a week, not on consecutive days. This is what I ate for the first month and a half.

Funny thing is, though, after being on this diet and starving off the yeast, I wasn’t ravenous when I woke up. There are some days where I won’t eat until lunchtime (which is around 2pm for me as I am a late sleeper). Not that it is a good idea to skip breakfast, but it is nice to not want to eat everything in sight when I first wake up.

For other people who wanted breakfast ideas, here are some more tips. If you can eat dairy, acidophilus yoghurt with sunflower seeds and sliced almonds is delicious. Also, eggs with raw onion and cayenne pepper are nice, too.

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