Beverage Alternatives for Candida Sufferers

Sometimes, this friend of mine likes to have a hot beverage when she first wakes up. She gave up caffeine about 13 years ago when she recognized herself as candida sufferer. She knows about pau dArco, maitake, and she has many kinds of herbal tea around the house. What she can’t remember is if we can have regular coffee or regular tea. In her case, it would be decaf and never more than one cup a day. She wants some help and opinions with this one. She also knows there are many products that resemble coffee that she can’t think of any of the names right now. Her other question would be this: if we can’t have coffee or tea, is there something similar that we can have?

There is a drink out there you can make that is caffeine-free and very coffee like, and you brew it like coffee. It is called teeccino, and it contains inulin which helps feed probiotics. You can add creamer and stevia and it is as good as coffee sans the caffeine and unhealthiness. It is not to be drinking every day, though.

The Teeccino coffee has a gram of sugar and a gram of starch per cup. Don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose. Alternatively, one can roast chicory root and grind it like the steelers did; the coffee produced in this way contains up to 3 grams inulin per one-cup serving. Coffee is very acidic and hard on the body. I drink green tea. The caffeine is not “good” for you, but, the green tea has other benefits that make it a far better choice than coffee.

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