Being More Careful of Sugars in Anti Candida Diet

It looks like we have to be more careful than we had thought on anti candida diet. Several sugars favor mycelia growth, while others favor yeast growth. It looks like the worst offending sugars are primarily present in processed foods, which is big surprise.

There are some types of foods that contain xylose, galactose, and trehalose. I think trehalose is a synthetic. Several foods contain xylose; aloe vera, coconut meat (not oil) and psyllium are three of them. Most sugars in Aloe are polysaccharides, but as they break down with enzyme action they release individual sugar molecules off the chains.

The consultant at the health food store recommended me taking ayurvedic gymnema sylvestre to help deal with the sugar cravings. The yeast would surely get pissed when you cut off their supply of sugar! The gymnema is an herb that has been used in India to help regulate sugar levels. The guy told me it “turns off your sweet taste buds” and that if I took some and then ate an M&M that it would taste gross. I don’t know about that part, I never tested it (even gross tasting M&M’s would have been too tempting at that stage of my recovery), but I was able to get thru the first week and beat the cravings. The first week was the hardest, but I knew it was important that I didn’t cheat at all. Lemonade with splenda (or stevia) helped, too. Do a search on the net for gymnema and there is tons of information.

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