Being Dependant On Some Foods You Are Allergic to

Someone has been doing this Candida diet (no wheat, no flour, no sugar, no caffeine, no coffee mix, no barley/malt, and no chocolate) for 2 months now. She has lost 8-10 lbs, her skin has gotten slightly better, and she is no longer being dependant on sugar or having mood swings.

The thing that she often defaults to when she is really hungry and there is no protein presents (often social situations) is corn. Corn anything pretty much, which is mostly corn chips and corn tortillas. She is very careful about which ones she eats, but she finds she takes extreme pleasure in still being able to eat corn products. Her naturopath told her to only avoid the ones that she is allergic to, but sometimes she wonders if she is not being strict enough on herself.

She has had potatoes probably 3 times in the past two months and that was when she was extremely hungry and unable to eat anything else. But, she is not sure if this is thwarting her success. She wonders if it is possible to rid candida in this short a time period by using homeopathic herbs and the diet. She is committed to ridding this, but she just want to know what the average recovery rate is.

There is no average recovery rate because of all the factors involved. Potatoes are a not allowed on a candida diet, while corn is questionable, and will feed the bad bacteria. Any food that you find yourself drawn to strongly, almost addictively, should be looked into. If you think you got to have it, there is a strong possibility you are allergic to it. You may notice withdrawal symptoms when you exclude it from your diet.

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