Atkins Product for Anti Yeast Diet Program

A friend who has been on Atkins instead of anti yeast diet for 9 months now feels better than she ever has in her life! She has lost over 65 lbs and have a ways to go before she gets to a normal weight, but her blood pressure has come down considerably, cholesterol is wonderful, and hoping to cut back her medications here pretty soon.

She still finds that her candida explodes when she cheats (fair week just about ruined her!) but she is back on the bandwagon and things are getting back to normal. If you want to do something good for yourself, get Dr. Atkins’ book. He has some wonderful insights and I believe that his logic is very substantiating as many studies are beginning to prove that he is right.

She knows that Atkins will be a way of life for her for the rest of her life and she is happy to go that way after seeing what happens and how she feels after she has cheated. She has lost both her parents, one to cancer and the other to diabetes and she will not allow herself to put her daughters through that if she can help it. Watch what you eat and you will find the benefits, too. The candida is a struggle everyday and I think that this way has been a great help.

However, she has noticed a number of products (including Atkins) that claim to be low carb/no sugar contain 0 grams of sugar, but 12-15 grams of “sugar alcohols”. She wants to know what this means for the yeast diet. She is curious whether they are ok for the diet or not if they are ok for Atkins and contain no sugar.

From what I understand, the sugar alcohols can feed the candida, so they are not good. However, I find they are a good way to satisfy my need for an occasional sugar fix, and they don’t increase sugar cravings. I found a store that sells chocolate bars sweetened with malitol. They are delicious when I really need a fix!

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