Artichoke Roots for Inulin Intake in Your Diet

Artichoke roots and chicory roots contain far more inulin than artichoke hearts or other inulin containing foods do such as dandelion greens. Doing the math, you can easily figure out exactly what it would require to get 12 grams of inulin in your anti candida diet. Thing is about natural inulin sources that several servings per day of a high inulin-containing food are required to get enough inulin out of it. One way around eating a single vegetable is to mix several inulin-containing foods so you don’t get bored. About the sugar/salt cravings, it is best to look also into a deep mineral deficiency.

We buy artichoke roots in a gallon jar from an organic health food store. They are packed in olive oil, which is also very good for you. I know they are seasonal, so it is better to eat them fresh when you can get them. I know a lot of people who buy them by the crates and can their own. Almonds, blueberries and oil of Cumin (that we carry), also greatly contain many substances which have insulin-like actions to control blood sugar problems.

The bottom line is if people are sick, all they care about is getting back on the road to optimal health naturally. Remember, God made the human body to take in food, not chemicals. People need to understand that if they spend thousands of dollars on useless probiotics, and the “next new thing” to hit the market, with yet, no results of ever getting rid of a systemic candida infestation permanently. Even when you keep it simple without all the left-handed BS, believe me that anybody can cure themselves of anything naturally.

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