What Reduces Blood Glucose Levels and Pressure in the Diet

What can you take to normalize your blood glucose and lowering your blood pressure? I will answer that question here in this article. Ketosis and Ketoacidosis are very similar, and both result from your body burning its fat as its fuel, and both can be rough on the kidneys. It seems the thing about ketoacidosis, however, is that it depends upon a lot of glucose in your blood as a result of little insulin. So, that is how you get dehydrated. Your kidney pumps out a lot of urine to get rid of excess glucose. In Atkins, you wouldn’t have the excess glucose because you are on low carbs. So, I would think the dehydration part wouldn’t be too much of a concern unless you didn’t drink enough water. Read more..

Virgin Coconut Oil Recommendation for Anti Candida Cooking

What are some cooking oils that are healthy for anti candida cooking? For your information, best cooking oil in order of preference is coconut, butter, olive oil, and lard. It should be Virgin coconut oil that hasn’t been bleached, deodorized or refined. They do not sell a good product in stores yet that I am aware of. You can find them online if there is no good health food store around. I recommend you a brand called Natures Vision. I have tried samples of all that would send me some and found one that was a much better product. Some of the samples sent from other venders were even rancid. I use it to cook with and as a dietary supplement. Read more..

Veggie Juice Regimen Being Your Candida Cure

Has anyone of you tried the veggie juice as your candida cure? That is doing almost nothing but freshly juiced vegetables. Someone would like to know exactly what I ate along with all of these juices if I have done this before. She has heard a person claims he cured himself of candidiasis after about two or three months of such a veggie juice regimen. Read more..

Veggie Juice Regime to Manage the Yeast Under Control

I manage to get candida under control just by doing a veggie juice regime in her candida diet. I think whoever said they were “cured” is using a misnomer. I don’t believe that candida can be “cured” as it exists in our body at all times, but it just gets out of balance. However, I believe that we can manage it. I have done this when I do a veggie juice regime. I ate totally raw foods and lost about 30 pounds in 1 month and wasn’t even trying to lose weight although I needed it. Read more..

The Danger of Low Carb Diet That Is Less Than 30%

A woman I know has heard before that low carb diet is dangerous, but hasn’t seen any good information about it. She has been on what she would consider a low carb diet for the last 2 months dealing with this candida overgrowth. Now, she is not really sure what constitutes a carb, but she doesn’t eat any fruit and no dairy except yogurt and some occasional Swiss cheese, also no bread except some millet bread every once in awhile and no sugar of any kind, including cane juice, honey, etc. Read more..